Episode 1 - The Rabbit Hole

All journeys begin with a huge mistake.

Swordmistress Angeligue Bleu Fouchet, Journeyman Remi Seltaire, Fieldmaiden Astrid Dupuis, and Forestwalker Oliver Hunter each received a mysterious invitation to an audience with the Queen. Each arrived, Oliver under duress, to be informed that their respective guild masters had offered their service to the Queen as part of an ancient pact. Made members of the Royal Hand, the Queen immediately ordered them to travel to Saltstone Cove where strange occurrences were disrupting the flow of salt to Elaron’s Bluff.

With a late start, the agents hurriedly rode for Saltstone Cove, but were waylaid by a band of brigands. A pitched battle ensued as the agents attempted to pass the roadblock. At first the tide favored the bandits, but the unquenchable bloodthirst of Astrid slew two of the men and won the battle for the agents. A third was felled by Oliver’s blade, and his arrows hobbled the last. While the rest of the group bound the injured man to deliver him to the Trustee of Saltstone Cove, Oliver discovered a track into the forest it appeared the bandits were using to set their roadblocks.

Arriving in Saltstone Cove as the sun set, the agents found the villagers locked tight in their homes. Even Trustee Walter Seille who was expecting their village appeared reticent to open his door for them. When the group was finally admitted, the Trustee stammered tales of monsters and midnight attacks. He claims the heavy oaken door of Horace Flint’s house was ripped from it’s hinges and shattered. Spouting a lot of superstition about witches and black magic, the Trustee clearly believes that these ill omens will come to a head at the new moon two days hence.


DeCorben DeCorben

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