Episode 2 - Unexpected Guests

Some things are what they seem...really f***ing weird.

The second day of the assignment began in a frenzy. Angelique awoke to find Astrid missing. A search began, but no trace of Astrid or her passage could be found. The agents intended to interrogate their prisoner, but they found him crazed and screaming gibberish. In a lucid moment, he pleaded for death, but the confused agents could do nothing before the man’s grotesque fate overcame him. Accompanied by the sound of crunching bones and tortured screams, the man’s legs twisted into those of a giant goat. Remi, reacting more from surprise than training, quickly ended the beast’s life.

Following an awkward breakfast, the three agents attempted to investigate the village. First speaking to Willam Laconn, a saltreaper, they heard of the strange behavior of the town drunk. Willam attributed the strange happenings to an unseen force lurking in the drunken stonecutter’s cave. Willam also mentioned the recent disappearance of the woodcutter’s son.

With no evidence on the Saltstone themselves, the trio then interviewed Mr. Rose the woodcutter. A down to earth and pragmatic man, Mr. Rose attributed his son’s absence to wanderlust and youthful folly. As for the strange marks and attacks, he simply said the town was dying, and Nature wanted the cove back.

On the short walk to the stonecutter’s house, events took an ominous turn. As a couple were tending the afternoon tide’s catch in their trap, the whole catch exploded. The only damage was to the trap itself and the fish, but the agents proceeded with trepidation.

The stonecutter Horace Flint proved to be just as much of a drunk as was promised. The addled old man told tall tales of being attacked, and of a red-eyed monster that ransacked his home. In the cave where Horace worked his trade the agents found a small recess with time weathered markings around it, but no explanation was forthcoming.

Out of daylight, the agents set discreet watches in their rooms. On Oliver’s watch an ominous growling, identical to that of the monster described by Horace, came from the woods and passed by the Trustee’s manor. Oliver heard strange footsteps from above and woke the others. In order to convince Walter to let them outside they had to agree they would not be let back in. A mistake that would become evident quickly.

Outside in the torchlight by the Trustee’s door the agents came under attack from an archer deep in the darkness. The agents struggled to come up with a plan of action and after several near misses they found themselves ambushed by a pack of extremely large wolves. During the battle, Remi nearly fell to one of the wolves, but the still injured Angelique slew one while Oliver valiantly fought off the other two.

Victory, however, was not to be grasped by the trio this night. While the wolves engaged the agents, the archer stopped firing. The agents found out why several minutes later when a nearly blinding green light revealed a human silhouette atop the old saltstone. As he opened his arms wide, his eyes glowed a fiery red and a truly blinding flash consumed the scene. The figure disappeared into the darkness, and shortly thereafter a whistle cut through the night signalling a retreat to the last remaining wolf. It was clear the dark figure had achieved his ends.

Now broken and battered, the three remaining agents face an unknown foe with the new moon rising the very next night.


DeCorben DeCorben

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