Episode 3 - Bump In the Night

Under Siege

With several of the agents heavily wounded from the encounter with red-eyed man and his wolves, little else could be done the next day but tend to their wounds. Ever suspicious, Angelique poked around the Trustee’s manor looking for evidence that Walter was responsible for the strange happenings. Oliver and Remi went into the forest to help Lara, the head servant, collect wound-healing purpleroot. The trek was successful and Lara reduced the leaves to a potent healing paste. When Angelique interviewed Lara, it was revealed that the paranoia of the Trustee had forced all quarters upstairs.

Refreshed by the healing herbs, the agents attempted to organize a defense and patrol but few were willing to participate. The group convinced the manor servants to keep watch from their quarters hoping to have an alarm raised if the red-eyed man returned.

And return he did. During the third watch on of the servants raised an alarm. Oliver awoke his compatriots just in time for an arcane blast to tear open the door. The red-eyed man and 4 wolves burst in, but the man did not engage the agents. While several wolves ran at the trio he and the remaining wolf took to the stairs. With all the servants awake with the alarm chaos erupted.

Eager to catch the red-eyed man the trio’s defensive formation quickly broke apart. Remi and Angelique managed to work together to slay several of the beasts, but their quarry found cover on the second floor. As they dispatched the wolf set upon Oliver gunshot rang out from the balcony where Walter had finally found his courage. As Lara joined the fray with a broken table leg as her weapon, they did away the final wolf. The agents arrived at the study, the red-eyed man’s apparent goal, to find Walter in a standoff with him. Walter seemed to know him, but the Trustee’s nerve broke and he accidentally fired. Both his shot and the return from the red-eyed man missed their marks, but the opening allowed Oliver to engage the man.

With each blow struck at the man, he began to change. Growing into a hideous mockery of a wolf, he fought with renewed ferocity. Remi managed to glean from the once again panicked Trustee that the now beast-man was the woodcutter’s son, Alain Rose. He pleaded to let the young man live, and Oliver wrestled the beast to the ground so that he could be restrained.

The agents interrogated him, but he seemed like there were two people inside his mind. Only one was willing to be of any help. Alain was agitated and constantly glanced at the floor where the agents discovered a loose tile hiding an ancient stone box. Against the pleadings of the pitiful Alain, they opened it to find a scroll written in an unknown language. Walter was flabbergasted at the discovery.

After hauling the corpses out of the house, the agents decided they had more than worn out their welcome at the Trustee’s and decided to make for Elaron’s Bluff with their prisoner and the scroll before sunrise. Jonathan Withrington met them outside the city and led them to a secret entrance. They were led to an underground hall apparently cut into the Bluff itself. Jonathan dealt with Alain, took the scroll to the Hand’s library, and showed them to their quarters.


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