Episode 5 - A Quiet House in the Woods

No one lives out here... I swear.

Librarian Kyle Malshara discovers in his research of the Codex that a ritual exists that will allow the agents to locate the missing pages. The bad news is that the ritual itself is on one of the missing pages. The good news is that Kyle also unearthed an old report from a Salvalian border outpost mentioning a scroll that resembles the one the agents recovered from Saltstone Cove. The border outpost is long abandoned and the report is 115 years old, but since the lands in the shadow of the Worlds Edge Mountains are nearly uninhabited there’s a good chance the page is still in the area.

The agents make the uneventful 5 day journey to the eastern extremes of the Shisa Vale along with a couple of road wardens heading out on their regular patrols. Arriving at the ruins of the old outpost, someone has already made camp there. Fate smiles on the agents, though, as the traveler is Astrid Dupuis. She seemed disconcerted and was unable to recall exactly where she had been for the past two weeks, but she was glad for the familiar companionship.

During the night, one of the road wardens on watch raises the alarm, and the agents awake to find the outpost intruded upon by a pair of ragged looking men. When the warden challenges the men, they charge in on the attack and their companion charges out of the darkness, a seven foot tall man with the head and legs of a giant goat.

The first of the two men scores a solid strike with his club to the face of the road warden, but is swiftly dispatched by the agents. The beastman engages with Angelique, but her swift blade wards off his attacks and he is also overwhelmed by the party. Oliver scores with one of his arrow on the last man, but he screams an incantation in the same vile language used by Alain Rose. After a blinding red flash, he has grown a 3rd eye and rushes to avenge his comrades. He too falls to the massed swords, leaving the agents to ponder an attack by hideous monsters against an abandoned outpost.

The next day, the road wardens hurriedly went on their way. The agents went about investigating their situation. Angelique and Astrid tended the fire and searched the grounds of the old outpost. Inside an ancient chest, they discovered the logbook of the outpost. However, it was written in Old Salvalian so Remi set to interpreting it. Oliver spent the day locating a stream and fishing in it. Before sundown, the agents set several traps to aid them in case another attack came in the night.


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