Monarch Challenge

Ollie 1-on-1 Adventure
The Archers Guild is holding a tournament this weekend. A new style they claim will wow spectator and participant alike. The rules for the monarch challenge are as follows:
1. A standard straw-filled target will be set at 20 paces.
2. On the bulls-eye, supported by two wooden pegs, sits a gold monarch.
3. The winner is the first archer to remove the coin from the target and take the coin as his prize.
4. If the winner hits the coin on the full, a second monarch will be added to the prize.
-Limited entries available.

The day of the tournament you find that 10 others have come to shoot for the monarch as well. The official declares that you will shoot for qualification.
The backlot of the Archers, Bowyers, and Fletchers Guildhall is an enormous target range. Where normally a dozen or so targets stand, a crowd has gathered to watch the action. Only a single target stands on the range. It has a red bulls-eye and 6 rings surrounding it.
The official instructs all archers to string their bows and make ready to fire. Accustomed to mass shots such as these, you ready the arrows you keep fletched with your family’s colors.

Ballistic Skill check passed with 32

You let your arrow loose on the signal and it lands solidly in the bulls-eye. One other shaft lies in the center with yours while others are scattered about the target and a few flew past the mark entirely.
The official inspects the target and removes each arrow, starting from the center, calling for its owner to accept his place in the tournament. Shooting first is a finely dressed man who is introduced as Claude Falden. You recognize the name as one of the Great Houses. Next in order is your arrow followed by a man wearing a tabard bearing the crest of the Fletcher Guild, a young woman dressed for woodland travel, and a rather grimy farmer. Each of you is to take one shot, then allow the next competitor to shoot.
The pegs are affixed to the target and the coin set in place. There is nothing holding the coin in place, save the pegs, but as the small coin is set directly over the center mark, it would take a near perfect shot to remove directly. A solid shot on the target itself, close to the coin looks like it might shake the coin from its perch.
Claude Falden’s shot is nearly that perfect. His arrow thuds into the bulls-eye below the coin, and coin visibly shakes then settles back into position.
Just like that you were nearly bested before you even had your shot.

Make a BS test for your shot.

Succeeding at the test means you have hit the 4th ring. For each 10 points you succeed or fail by you hit successively larger or smaller ring. In order to hit the coin solid you must roll less than 10. If you hit the target, some of the force of your shot will be transferred to the coin and may unseat it.

Ballistic Skill check passed with a 40 against a 53.

Your arrow flies true, but lands in the 5th ring, barely jarring the coin at all. Next up, the fletcher calmly aims, loosing his arrow with a nearly imperceptible movement. His shaft finds its mark in the 6th ring causing the coin to dance back and forth on the pegs. Following him, the young woman glares defiantly at the coin before raising her bow. When she does take aim, she releases the string almost immediately and is rewarded with her arrow flying wide to the left.
Lastly, the farmer takes position and quickly takes aim. As he sights his shot, he appears to be speaking quietly to himself. A few more tense moments and he lets the arrow fly. You see it almost in slow motion as the arrow streaks toward the bulls-eye. It buries itself halfway down the shaft into the red circle just beside the coin. The gold disc flies off the pegs and lands on one of the flag stones spinning.
The crowd cheers wildly. So much so that the official has trouble making the presentation of the prize into as much of a production as he would like. The farmer grins widely as he accepts the coin, it will feed his family well for a week.
The official reminds everyone that there will be more tournaments in the future and that all the host guilds are available for the equipment and expertise necessary to compete.


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