Episode 6 - Siege

This is what goes bump in the night.

Once again, the camp was attacked during the night. Another of the fierce beastmen along with two ragged humans attacked from the road. The agents’ foresight paid, off, though as one of the men caught his leg in Oliver’s snare. He and his comrades fought fiercely, but Oliver’s arrows and Angelique’s sword made short work of them. Astrid matched her ball and chain with the beastman’s spear, but was found lacking. She was critically injured during the fight. A second team of attackers approached from behind the camp and managed to sneak all the way to the ruined guardhouse undetected. The trip wire set by the agents, though, thwarted the attackers’ stealthy approach. Although surprised by the second attack, the agents were able to use the disarray created by the tripwire to their advantage and make short work of this beastman and his soldiers.

The next morning, the agents had to make a pallet to carry Astrid on as she was still unconscious from her wounds. They didn’t feel safe continuing to stay in the old outpost, so they decided to trek further towards the mountains like Astrid had suggested hoping that they would find clues or an ally. Oliver found a suspiciously faint trail for them to follow and they walked for several hours before losing the light.

They took shelter for the night under a large tree near a clearing. They were awakened in the dead of night to find three beastmen with spears leveled at each of their throats. After what seemed like an eternity there were rushes of wind, a series of thunks, and all three beastmen fell with arrows and throwing knives buried in their backs. The relief was short-lived, though as the elves that appeared from the trees nocked new arrows in their bows and aimed them at the agents.


DeCorben DeCorben

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