Elaron's Bluff

The capitol of Salvaly and the seat of power for the Elaron dynasty. Elaron’s Bluff is seated on a high cliff overlooking the western ocean, impervious to attack from the sea. Its well-defended walls protect it from agression on land, and thus it has grown to a large center of commerce and culture.


Queen Jade Elaron holds prime authority over Elaron’s Bluff and is supported by the Great Council, which consists of the heads of the 12 Great Houses. Municipal authority rests with the First House who sponsor and recruit the local constabulary.


Tynrell Road runs along the Bluff from the South Gate to the East Gate. The Great Houses all have mansions on the Bluff side of Tynrell Road. The higher the status of the House, the closer it is to the Palace. Most of the guilds have halls on the shore side of Tynrell Road. The Faldarin Market is in the center of the city, and Rampart Way traverses the distance between the two Gates along the inside of the city wall.

Major Players

Elaron's Bluff

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