Saltstone Cove

A small fishing village about a day’s ride north of Elaron’s Bluff on the Tynrell Road. While small, it is one of the main sources of salt for Elaron’s Bluff, making its residents fairly well to do. The villagers continue to live a traditional existence, harvesting only enough salt to support themselves.

When the tide goes out, salt it harvested from the stones. While the tide is in, the cove floods bringing fish with it to feed. As the tide returns to sea, many of the fish are trapped allowed the village fishermen to catch them easily.


The Trustee provides all administration and judicial support Tue small village needs. While the Trustee is officially chosen by the Crown, the office is usually passed on from father to son. The village residents have the most influence in practice since it is generally only in response to complaints from the salt gathering families that the monarch will break the line of family succession.

Recent Events

  • Over the past several weeks there have been reports of excess salt forming arcane symbols spontaneously.
  • Strange noises can sometimes be heard night.
  • Horace Flint says his home was attacked by a monster.


Trustee Walter Seille
Horace Flint
Jean-luc Rose

Saltstone Cove

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