Salvaly is the largest nation in the Shisa Vale. Long ruled by the Elaron family from the great city of Elaron’s Bluff, Salvaly is stable and relatively peaceful. It’s thick forests are rich with game, but become disturbingly wild away from the well traveled roads.


The coin of the realm is the gold Monarch. Monarchs consist of 5 silver Crowns which in turn an be divided into 5 bronze Scepters. Salvalian numerals operate on a base 5 system, so monetary values are typically written in 3 digits, each digit representing Monarchs, Crowns, and Scepters respectively. For example, a price of one Monarch would be written as 100 and is equivalent to 25 Scepters.

A group of 25 like coins is called a pillar. This is rarely used with anything but Crowns, but applies to all denominations equally. Small cases intended to hold pillars are very common and function as coin purses for most people.

For large scale exchanges, usually by merchants, special chests called keeps are built. Each keep holds 25 pillars, and the chest is expected to be included in the goods exchanged as a sort of gratuity. It is extremely insulting to refuse to relinquish the keep in a sale, and even more so to ask for it back once the money has changed hands.

Empty keeps are common gifts when a new business venture is started. It is a symbol of good luck and hope that so many coins will be earned.


Each adult has a seal or signet used to make impressions in wax or stamps with ink. (This is in contrast to only nobility using seals like this.) An impression from a seal is considered evidence of a binding contract.


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